Underwater massage
the therapeutic effect of the underwater massage comes from the relaxing effect of warm water applied at variable force.The underwater massage has hydrostatic effects on the blood and lymphatic system and helps to mobilize metabolites and excess fluid and thus remove them.
It reduces fat and cellulite, smoothes, nourishes the skin and improves blood supply. Increases muscle flexibility, reduces joint and muscle pain. It is also relaxing and has a slimming effect. Greatly reduces cellulitis and firms the skin.

Scottish whips
This is a shower of powerful stream of warm and cold water. Whips have a strong anticellulite effect, they massage the aching muscles, regenerate the skin and stimulate the metabolism.

Steam bath
is a type of sauna where the temperature is 43-46 degrees and relative humidity up to 95-100%. Staying in a steam bath lowers muscle tension, cleanses the body of toxins and helps to treat upper respiratory deseases.

Thermal wave
The anatomically shaped mosaic bench works soothingly. Gentle allows your body to calm down after a seesion in a dry sauna or steam bath as well as after scottish whips or underwater massage.
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