Classic massage (whole, partial) is the most popular massage. Depending on its intensity can be healing, relaxing, stimulating etc. It is based on several techniques such as stroking, rubbing, kneading or shaking. Correct order of the techniques guarantee the effectivness of treatment. Classic massage  can be combined with additional manual or mechanical treatments.

Spine massage the goal of this massage is to supress the excessive tension and strenghten weak muscles. Thanks to it, the muscles on both sides of the spine start working properly again and stabilization impoves.

Sports massage is an intensive massage that allows you to recover more quickly after a significant physical effort. It helps to reduce chronic muscle tension and micro injuries.

Modelling massage - the effectivness of this massage is in visible fat loss and the stretch mark reduction in the massaged area. After the massage the skin is smooth, moisturized and free from tension.

Aromaterapeutic massage (whole, partial) - restores banalce, removes toxins, reduces muscles tension, relaxes and stimulates the whole body thus adds beauty. Concentrated oils adapted to the individual needs are used during the massage.

Reflectoric feet massage - the therapist focuses on massaging the feet and lower legs. The use of selected classic techniques brings relief to tired feet and acupressure affects the whole body.

Hot stones massage (whole, partial) gives a sense of deep relaxation, allowing to release the stress accumulated in the body. It bring harmony, balance and calmness to the body. It may also be a deep spiritual experience of communication between body, mind and soul. It allows you to enter into yourself, widening your awareness, which is an unusual connection with nature.

Chinese bubbles anti-cellulite massage accelerates fat burning and metabolism. Greately smoothes the skin and reduces cellulite. This vacuum massage method is considered to be one of the best in reducing the subcutaneous tissue.

Head massage is a treatment which indirect effect is a better supply of hair bulbs into nutrients and oxygen. Besides it causes a considerable loss of dead skin tissue which usually blocks the pores and stimulates the glands to sebum overproduction.It is soothing and relaxing.

Author`s massage is a set of concentrated, fluid and intuitive movements of the therapist that leads you to a state of higher consciousness, simmilar to what one can experience during meditation.The therapist selects the appropriate techniques individually because each of us is different and needs a diffrenet stimuli. Lomi Lomi massage techniques, reflexology, aroma oils which are used during the treatment enhance the relaxation process.

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