The Rytro commune = paradise for tourists

is one the youngest and smallest communities in Nowy Sącz Province. It is located on the main tourist route in the most picturesque part of the Poprad Valley River. 

This valley is surrounded by the forested hills of the Radziejowa (1 262 m above sea level) and the Jaworzyna (1 114 m above sea level) from the east, forming a magnificent gorge with numerous bends. 

Since the 19th century this place has been a popular summer destination because of its microclimate and unspoiled natural beauty.
Rytro offers hiking and cykling opportunieties as well as a chance to observe rare species of flora nad fauna.
In Rytro one can find the qualities of the peaceful countryside, easy acess to the mountain trails.
Rytro is proud of its wind and water power stations, founded by the local pastor, which provide clean energy.
There are many monuments of material culture i.e. the ruins of a medieval knight's castle, remembering the times of Ladislaus the Elbow. Overlooking the village, they stand on a steep hill (463 m above sea level) on the Poprad River, providing unforgettable panoramic views of Rytro, the Poprad River Valley and the highest peak of the Beskid Sądecki Mountains - the Radziejowa (1262 m above sea level).
The location at the junction of hiking routes, unspoilt nature, climate, nearby healing mineral waters and clean, unpolluted air are the main resources of Rytro.
They make everyone who comes here to come back again and again.
Something nice for everyone
Despite its small size, Rytro has a lot to offer to its visitors -  the inhabitants of the village are famous for their great enthusiasm for running - since 2006 the well known Visegrad Marathon as well as many others are held annually. We are glad that this paradise has been chosen as the location for our hotel :)