Restauracja Pod Jasionową Polaną

The Pod Jasionową Polaną restaurant is a completely renovated place which can serve up to 200 people. You can taste here both traditional Polish cuisine and rich and varied world cuisine. We prepare dietary, vegetarian and low calorie dishes as well.




Salads, cold and hot appetizers


Roasted beetroot carpaccio with sheep cheese and marinated pear



Beef tartare



Pickled herling with yoghurt – dill sauce



Bruschetta with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese



Caesar salad with grilled chicken



Spinach salad with baked bacon, gorgonzola cheese and avocado




White vegetables cream soup with roast pumpkin seeds



Thai way soup with chicken, vegetables and coconut milk



Beetroot soup with veal dumplings, confi chanterelle and marjoram





Lamb chops surrounded porcini mushrooms served with dumplings stuffed with buckwheat groats



Breaded and fried pork cutlet with bone served with potatoes and fried cabbage



Marinated duck breast with cherry sauce, dumplings and baked apple with cranberry



Roasted chicken with teriyaki sauce with green vegetables and broccoli gratine



Sirloin beef steak served with jacket potatoes, garlic butter and pepper dip



Beef cheeks with baked potatoes and green beans wrapped with bacon



Crispy sauteed potatoes with hungarian goulash





Braised salmon with potato purre and carrot julienne



Cod fillet with risotto and vegetable tagliatelle



Vegetarian meals


Vegetables with wild rice, shrimps and white radish



Cabbage rolls stuffed with groats and mushrooms



Pancakes with spinach and gongonzola sauce



Noodles with cheese and potatoes





Tart with apples with cinnamon



Baked banana with ice cream and roasted almond



Fried ice cream with melon



Meringue dessert Pavlova with chocolate cream and forest fruits



Side orders

Boiled potatoes 

Fried potatoes 



Groats pelt *1 


Bolied vegatables 

Hot white cabbage  *1 

Set of salads *1,7 

Dilled pickles 

Grated cold beetroot with horseradish *1,7,12   

Seasonal salad *1 

Bread with butter *1 

Toasts *1 


*  Dishes may contain allergens

1.   Gluten/ (wheat seeds)

2.   Shellfish

3.   Eggs

4.   Fish

5.   Peanuts

6.   Soybeans

7.   Milk, lactose

8.   Tree nuts

9.   Celery

10.                  Charlock

11.                  Sesame seed

12.                  Sulphur dioxide

13.                  Lupins

14.                  Molluscs

Dishes contain spices, which compositions may: gluten, lactose, charlock, eggs, celery, soy.